Better Health Through Chocolate

A couple of years prior Cornell University discharged an examination that was distributed in the American Chemical Society's Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry (December 2003). The similar examination uncovered that of the three cancer prevention agent rich foodsgreen tea, cocoa and red winecocoa ended up being the champ with the most noteworthy cell reinforcement movement.

The examination group found that cocoa contains phenolic phytochemicals (flavonoids). Phenolic mixes ensure the plant against pathogens and creepy crawlies. Over 10 years sooner, researchers had found that these phenolic mixes stay dynamic even after nourishment is prepared and have wellbeing defensive advantages in people.

Cell reinforcement Potencies in Cocoa, Green Tea and Resveratrol (Red Wine)

Every one of the three beveragescocoa, green tea and red winecontain phenolic mixes called gallic corrosive reciprocals (GAE) and flavonoids called Epicatechin proportional, (ECE). The cell reinforcement content in one measure of every refreshment added up to:

611 mg of GAE and 564 mg of ECE in a measure of cocoa.

340 mg of GAE and 163 mg of ECE in a glass of red wine

165 mg of GAE and 47 mg of ECE in some green tea

Medical advantages of Antioxidants

Studies demonstrate that these specific cancer prevention agents affect wellbeing, particularly in securing cardiovascular and blood vessel wellbeing. They advance stomach related wellbeing and lift resistant dimensions in the body. The most essential cell reinforcement found in red wine is resveratrol. Resveratrol joined with the cancer prevention agent potencies of green tea and cocoa are known to help control solid pulse and help the body in directing ordinary glucose levels. Cocoa animates the creation of the vibe great hormones, serotonin. Resveratrol advances vitality levels.

The Healthier Option-Pure Cocoa or Chocolate Bars?

Shouldn't something be said about chocolate bars? It is safe to say that they are similarly as useful for wellbeing as cocoa? Most specialists and researchers would not suggest eating chocolate bars for wellbeing on account of the measure of immersed fat and sugar present in them. Conversely, one measure of unadulterated cocoa contains around 33% the measure of fats when contrasted with a standard size chocolate bar (around 40 grams). Unadulterated cocoa gives a more elevated amount of cancer prevention agents, contains less immersed fat, and is along these lines increasingly useful for wellbeing.

Cocoa Tea-A Combination of All Three Antioxidants!

The best drink would be a mix of every one of the three cell reinforcement rich fixings! That is actually what CocoPure gives. Produced using unadulterated cocoa, green tea separates, and resveratrol, this cocoa tea packs in a significant solid cell reinforcement punch!

Cocoa tea contains a powerhouse of cancer prevention agent intensity and their wellbeing supporting advantages.

Cocoa tea has a cell reinforcement estimation of 5,250 units a serving!

Cocoa tea contains only 30 calories a serving!Who Should Drink Cocoa Tea?

With every one of its advantages, cocoa tea has a few focal points for those on an eating routine, for those needing to help heart wellbeing, for veggie lovers, for the individuals who need to support invulnerability, for wellbeing fans who need to support their vitality levels and for diabetics! Cocoa tea, hot or cold, makes an extraordinary solid substitute for espresso. Great occasions with family and companions can incorporate the sharing of a some cocoa tea. Let the great occasions, and great wellbeing, continue rolling!

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